Yoga Breaks for Businesswomen


Take a break from your computer to do some yoga with me! Yoga and meditation are proven ways to reduce stress and return your focus to your inner self – all helpful when you’re a busy working woman.

Feeling stressed at work? Take a break from the grind for yoga!

These classes will focus on gentle and slow Vinyasa flows with a brief motivational meditation and optional discussion at the end.

Who is this class for?

Yoga Breaks for Businesswomen are geared towards desk workers, whether you’re at a job or self-employed, who need to take a break from the computer to stretch, breath and move. Yoga teacher Kate Gilbert, RYT-200, is an experienced online entrepreneur who knows how hard it is to balance work & self care.

What to Expect

Outline of a typical Yoga Break class

Each class will open and close with breathwork & meditation, and include about 40 min. Vinyasa yoga in between.

Open: Breathing exercise like Take 5 Breathing

Welcome & Introduction

Yoga: 40-45min. Vinyasa flow yoga

Closing: We always end with savasanna and a poem or reading at closing. 

Tired all the time?

About the Instructor, Kate Gilbert, RYT-200

I created this yoga break class because it was exactly what I needed when I was running my former web development & web support business. I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher & a working mom and excited about helping you fit movement & meditation into your day.


Gentle Yoga for Healing & Growth

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