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The Know, Like and Trust Factor

What’s the Know, Like and Trust Factor? It’s the pathway we all take when we buy a product, and it’s critical when planning a website or marketing campaign.

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How to Install A Divi Layout from Within The WP Dashboard

The best part about the Divi theme by is the vast layout library and the ease with which you can install a pre-built layout right into your dashboard. I’ve worked with a lot of themes over the years (and I mean, A LOT), and Divi is the only one I’ve...

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Styling Your Site with Divi

Now it’s time to make your site look like YOU and YOUR BRAND! That’s where themes come into play. And today, we’re working with the Divi Theme by Divi Layouts: Ready-made page designs at your fingertips, built-into the WordPress dashboard The beauty...

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How to Set Pretty Permalinks in WordPress

Want "pretty permalinks" on your WordPress site? Here's how: "Pretty permalinks" are links that look nice in the browser and make sense. They're "pretty" because users can read them and make sense. If you're setting up your WordPress site for the first time, one of...

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Site Name & General Settings on WordPress

When you are new to WordPress, there are a few things you need to take care of right off the bat - namely, naming your site. And a few other basic settings, like Permalinks. This blog post will walk you through the first key configurations of your site's WordPress...

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How to Log In to Your WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard is the place where all the settings, content and imagery for a WordPress site are configured and stored. The first step to editing your WordPress site is successfully logging in to the site's dashboard. A WordPress site's dashboard can always be accessed...

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Turn Off Password Protection on Your WPEngine Site

If you use WPEngine, you might run into the issue with your site not being live yet. WPEngine implemented password protection for sites in development back in 2015. It’s designed to protect your site from view by others until it’s ready to go live. Seeing that little...

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How to Create and Share a Folder on Google Drive

Need to share a folder of files but it's too big for sending over email? The easiest way to share your files (and to keep them organized) is by using Google Drive. All you need to do is create a Google Drive folder, upload your files and share that folder with your...

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