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Welcome to Pause with Kate, your source for yoga & meditation meant to help you pause from your daily life and find peace.

Yoga & Meditation | Pause with Kate
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Yoga & Meditation Videos and Classes

Pause with Kate started in 2021 to offer a yoga & mediation based solution to the chaos and craziness of today’s world. Feeling drained or burned out? Looking for healing through breath work, meditation and yoga? Then you’re in the right place. 

Pause with Kate

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About Kate Gilbert

Former web developer and WordPress expert, Kate came to yoga teaching during the COVID-19 crisis. After relocating with her family from Jersey City to Jupiter, FL, Kate found a desire to move more, to be outside more, and to help others slow their lives and find peace through pausing.
Yoga & Meditation | Pause with Kate

Meditations for Balance & Peace

In addition to online yoga classes, Pause with Kate also publishes short meditations and mantras to help guide your journey to peace.

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Kate is currently teaching 3 types of yoga: Yoga for Families, Yoga for Recovery, and Yoga for Burned Out Businesswomen. Choose a category and click the link below to learn more.